Many businesses want to utilize social media, but with so many platforms, times to post, and types of content to post, where should you start with your social media? As a small business owner, the hardest part can be setting up your platforms and having the same handle on all your social media accounts, especially if you have a common name or work in a popular industry.


The Social Media Challenge for Small Businesses


Since small businesses usually do not have an established brand on social media that is currently attracting followers, your social media manager can help you target smaller groups of people who would be interested in your product or service and the information you provide on social media. For smaller businesses, it could make sense to start on smaller, more targeted platforms if your desired reach cannot be found on the larger platforms, and your manager can help you determine your platforms.


Social Media Managers Can Help You Choose the Right Platform for Your Niche


To be effective on social media, you have to decide which platforms will give you the best bang for your business buck. Depending on your industry and marketing goals, this can differ greatly from another business. A good social media manager can help your business to decide your social media goals, the avatar or target group you want to reach, and which social media accounts will work for your company to get the best digital reach.


Social Media Managers Can Give You a Marketing Strategy


While all the different social media platforms follow similar principles, such as posting consistently to get more reach, each social media professional will tweak their client’s posts and content to yield the most effective engagement possible. While you can figure this out with trial and error, a social media manager can speed up this process for you to reach your avatar quicker than you would on your own. In addition, a social media manager can help to identify and target users who react positively to your content and where to find the people you are looking for to build your community online.


If you are looking for a quick return, social media and content marketing might not be the right method. Social media is a long game; it can take at least three months to start building a following. While a social media manager understands how networks function and interact and how your business can best build a following, you’ll need to keep them working for six to nine months to see their effect on your digital footprint.


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