Five Tips for Creating Your Digital Marketing Plan


Digital marketing can be scary and overwhelming for many small business owners. With so many hats to wear and a plethora of tasks to juggle and get done, how can you create an excellent digital marketing plan that works for your schedule and budget?


Through managing my client’s digital marketing, along with my digital marketing, I’ve found common easy to use steps for starting and continuing your digital marketing plan for your small business. Here are five tips to get you on your way to create a simple and effective digital marketing campaign for your small business.


Tip #1: Start Small with Your Digital Marketing Campaign


Starting small may seem like a silly idea; however, starting your social media digital marketing plan is similar to changing your lifestyle or eating habits – if you put too many tasks and goals on your plate at once, you’re less likely to succeed at your plan.


Using a simple calendar, choose three days during the week to take action and complete specific digital marketing activities such as posting on social media. You can start your digital marketing plan by posting on social media three days a week. If you have an email list, you can begin your plan by choosing a day of the week to send out an email to your email list.


By starting with one to three days a week for your marketing plan, you’ll be able to create a manageable schedule that you can succeed in completing every month!


Tip #2 Use Email Marketing to Bring Attention to Your Website


Email us and have been one of the best tools for your successful digital marketing endeavors. Email marketing can bring more awareness to your brand or product you want to sell or promote with a captive audience.


A great email idea is to create videos informing your list of the item or service you want to sell. Next, make sure to link to a blog, video, or lead magnet underneath your video for your call to action to direct your customer to the next step.


Tip #3 Sign Up for a Social Media Scheduler


Social media schedulers are one of the biggest timesavers if you regularly post on your social media channels. If you’re not posting consistently, using a social media scheduler can keep your social track consistent. My go-to scheduler is Buffer, but other schedulers out there that people love, including Later and Social Bee.


Tip #4 Add Holidays to Celebrate on Your Social Media Feed


Using holidays, both national and traditional, is a great way to message those about your brand offerings, especially if your brand is connected to the holiday. Find fun pictures and create a buzz about your product. You can also craft a message of celebration around the holiday if you don’t have a product or service that connects to the holiday directly.


Tip #5 Use a Lead Magnet to Capture Email Leads


A lead magnet is a free giveaway that you can offer in exchange for potential clients visiting your website. Nowadays, you aren’t going to get an email contact without an incentive attached to people giving away their information. Therefore, creating a simple lead magnet can be as easy as a one-page PDF with general tips or advice on a niched-down topic that will solve pain points for your website visitors.


Using these five essential tips, you can start to create your digital marketing plan. Remember to start small and build up consistent marketing to gain momentum; and continue to schedule your digital marketing to increase your client reach and touchpoints to remind your followers about your product or service!


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