Six Hashtag Tools to Increase Your Social Media Reach


You’ve seen hashtags at the bottom of social media posts on different platforms. So how do you find hashtags to grow your brand and increase your audience? You can utilize the help of a hashtag tool!


A hashtag tool is a software designed to help you discover and analyze hashtags for social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. In addition, these tools provide various features and functionalities to assist you in optimizing your hashtag strategy.



Features of Hashtag Tools


Hashtag tools suggest relevant hashtags based on the keywords or topics you provide. These suggestions help you discover popular or trending hashtags related to your content.


Many hashtag tools provide analytics on the performance and usage of specific hashtags. This data includes metrics such as reach, engagement, and popularity, giving you insights into the effectiveness of different hashtags. In addition, hashtag tools allow you to research and explore trending or popular hashtags in your industry or niche. You can discover new hashtags and see how they are being used by other users.


Some hashtag tools enable you to track the performance of specific hashtags over time. This feature helps you understand how your chosen hashtags are performing and adjust your strategy accordingly. Hashtag tools can monitor the usage of specific hashtags across social media platforms. For example, you can track conversations, engagement, or user-generated content associated with a particular hashtag.


Hashtag tools provide recommendations on how to optimize your hashtag usage. They suggest the ideal number of hashtags, where to place them in your posts, and how to mix popular and niche-specific hashtags. Hashtag tools often include features to help you manage your hashtag lists. You can save and organize hashtags for easy access, create hashtag campaigns, or categorize hashtags by topic or campaign.


Some tools display real-time or historical hashtag trends. These trends show you the most popular or frequently used hashtags at a given time, helping you stay updated and join relevant conversations.


Hashtag tools may offer platform-specific features tailored to social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. These features take into account platform-specific hashtag usage and best practices. Specific hashtag tools integrate with social media management platforms or provide scheduling functionality, allowing you to plan and schedule posts with optimized hashtags.


The Top Hashtag Tools


Utilizing a hashtag tool can save time, increase your visibility, and improve your social media engagement by effectively incorporating hashtags into your posts and campaigns. Check out these seven hashtag tools that will level up your hashtag game!



Ingramer has a “bot” that assists you in generating a genre of hashtag ideas based on keywords relevant to your brand, an image, or a website link. helps you find Twitter or Instagram hashtags for your brand. Search any hashtag to find how many posts have been written using that hashtag. For example, when you search the popularity of #contentwriter, you will get results showing you this hashtag’s overall popularity, recent popularity, and how this hashtag is trending over time.



With RiteTag, you can write your social media post into the text bar and then upload the image you plan to pair with your caption. RiteTag then generates trending hashtag suggestions based on your content. You’ll see the best hashtags to get your post seen. You can also use their “Get Report” function for a detailed analysis of different hashtags.



TINT provides the tools to curate user-generated content across all your platforms. Bring together the content shared under an identified hashtag to request rights from users in your marketing activities. This is an excellent tool for creating marketing campaigns, websites, and mobile apps.



Trendsmap is the perfect tool for seeing what hashtags are prevalent in your local area. By showing the latest trends in your location, Trendsmap gives you insight into what your potential customers are talking about online. You can have this data sent to your inbox or create an alert sent directly to your email or Slack account.



Keyhole is a real-time automated hashtag tracking tool that tracks website URLs, usernames, keywords, and hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.


This tool’s social listening and social media analytics give essential insight into different trending topics. In addition, you can choose to have every discussion listed around your chosen hashtag delivered straight to your inbox.


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