There is a lot of competition online, which means it takes more than just having an attractive website to convert visitors to customers. After putting in all the hard work to have your website ready for launch, there are some vital aspects that you must get right to get a return on your investment. Certain features are common to all successful business websites, whether your business is a startup or established. Below is a list of three essential things you should consider when launching your website.


Have at Least 300 Words Per Page for SEO


Readers come to your website because they are in search of useful information. They have a pain point that has brought them to your site, and hope to find valuable content to help fill the gaps. Content is a very important pillar for a successful website because it is the natural way for your website to get traffic.


You should optimize your content for both readers and search engines. Readers should find your content relevant and informative. Research the information your potential clients are searching for and write blogs on these topics. Ensure your content is optimized for search engines. Start by carrying out keyword research and have targeted keywords in your content. Also, for indexing, Google needs your content to be at least 300 words.


Have a Team or About Page


The team or about page is your website’s second most visited page. The about page is important for sharing with site visitors who you are, your expertise, and your background. The about page helps you connect with readers by sharing your inspiration or motivation for doing what you do and your journey. The about us page is where you tell your story, so include your vision and mission statements and the images of your team. The about page lets potential clients know your business better beyond your products or services. Besides, when you share your business values, expertise, and journey, clients will feel more confident and trust your products.


In addition, the about page is important for search engine optimization purposes. Incorporating your target keywords in the about page can help with location-specific online searches. An about page also helps visitors navigate your site by displaying site links in the search results. Some businesses have reported that their about page has higher conversion rates than the contact page. Therefore, it is critical for your about page to have some conversion elements such as email contacts, phone numbers, or chat.


Have a Detailed Contact Page


Some visitors will only spend seconds on your site, making it necessary to have fundamental information like the “contact us” page easily accessible. Chartbeat estimates that it takes visitors 10 seconds to decide if they will leave your site, with 55% of users leaving websites within 15 seconds. Failure to have visible contact information could cost you, potential clients. Put your phone number and a contact form in a visible spot. Another beneficial strategy is to have your contact information appear in search results. Google provides different ways for your contact details to appear in search results, Google Maps, and the knowledge panel. This functionality lets users see your contact details without visiting your site.


In digital marketing, having a customer-centric website sets the foundation for efficient and effective online marketing campaigns across all marketing channels. The best-designed websites provide visitors with the information they are looking for in an organized manner. A great website lets the customer know the business owner with their team, thereby building trust and confidence. The world wide web has millions of sites, and applying the three tips we have shared can help you stand out.


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