The Benefits of Featuring Testimonials on Your Website

Before you purchase a product or service online, what do you look at to make sure that your money is spent on something valuable to you or your company? You’re going to look at the company’s reviews and testimonials! Company reviews are critical to consumers as they not only tell consumers about the quality of your product or service, they give your potential buyers trust that what you are offering will bring value to their home or office.

Consumer Testimonials Build Credibility for Your Company

Using testimonials to help establish credibility is a cornerstone of today’s business world. Testimonials work because they are independent and unbiased voices giving their opinion, which establishes trust. Consumers who have used your product and have left a testimonial or review to show success in your product or service can make or break another person’s decision to buy what you have to offer.

The Most Effective Types of Testimonials

Video testimonials are like advertising gold for your company! A video testimonial means that someone has taken their time and effort to create a video, download it from their phone and reupload that video to your website. This shows brand dedication from another consumer, which tells a potential consumer that your brand stands out in the other person’s mind as their favorite brand. Just like a best friend giving you a recommendation, a video testimonial is the most highly-effective media to create a sense of brand trust for consumers looking to purchase your goods. To find out more about why video is vital for your SEO, check out our blog post, The Importance of Video for Your Website.

Which Testimonials Should I Use on My Website?

Make your testimonials stand out by adding an image next to your customer’s review or testimonial. Research has shown that adding a picture increases your click-through-rate by a significant percent as facial recognition is a big factor in consumer engagement.

Besides, your potential prospects like to put a face to a name. It helps people relate to another human being and feel more secure and confident in what you’re claiming you do as a company. Having a person’s face shows that it’s coming from a real living and breathing person and is a simple and effective addition that will increase your trust factor tenfold

Where Should I Use Testimonials?

Once you receive great testimonials for your website, it’s essential to show them off where your consumers are looking! Add them across your website in a sliding banner or slideshow. You can add them to your website homepage, about page, case studies, or even create a dedicated testimonials page to highlight your reviews all in one place!

After you determine where you’re going to add your testimonials, talk with your web designer to add testimonials to your website or your digital marketing agency to add them to your social media.

Let Visual Web Group work with your company for professional web design and help you find the most effective way to utilize your business’s testimonials! We offer services to our clients that effectively market their reviews across different platforms. Not sure where to start? Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to see how Visual Web Group can work with your business to start connecting with your customers today!