What are Local Google Business Listing Searches?

Google’s algorithms were created to give web surfers valuable and relevant results when searching the internet. Google geolocates your business and uses keyword searches to find the appropriate business listing related to your search. Google has designed its search algorithm to show local results to searchers based on their location. Local internet search placements can be broken down into two categories, paid and organic.

Organic Versus Paid Google Business Listings

Organic search results are unpaid listings that appear on search engine results pages, SERPs, because the website has strong SEO. Organic search results and top Google My Business placements are achieved by catering to Google’s SEO best practices. If you want to appear at the top of local searches, you’ll need to add the following to your website SEO:


Paid search results are local Google Business Listings that appear on SERPs as a paid advertisement through search engine marketing. Google Guaranteed listings, and paid ads are placements your brand can get by paying to appear at the top of the search. When you see an “Ad” block at the top of a description, this link has appeared at the top of the local search because the owner of the ad paid to place their ad to outrank the other local competition.

Google Guaranteed Local Business Listings

Google Guaranteed listings are results featured on SERPs that are a part of the paid Google Guarantee program. Google has a consumer protection feature called Google Guaranteed. Businesses advertising through Local Services Ads can apply to the program to offer extra reassurance to customers.

Google Guaranteed is a powerful lead generation tool to help you stand out from your competitors, showcasing home service providers who have been pre-screened. With an easily visible green badge showing a checkmark, these ads may draw customers’ notice more than others will.

How Can Your Local Business Show Up in Google Business LIstings?

Suppose you want your business to show up in local searches. In that case, you’ll need to create your Google My Business Page with a verified Google My Business page to show in the results. Having an account on Google My Business will increase your online presence and your chances of showing in organic search results. To further improve your business’s chances to rank above your competition, you need to optimize and update your business page will.

Asking for Google Reviews for Your Google Business Listing

One of the most critical elements of your Google My Business page is your customer reviews. Multiple studies found the volume and quality of reviews on your profile directly impact your business’ search visibility. The more positive reviews your company has on Google Reviews, the more likely your brand will be to show up at the top of a Google search.

Make sure to ask clients who have recently purchased from you to leave a review by texting them your Google Business Listing link within minutes of their transaction. This way, you can have a constant volume of high-rated reviews on your Google page. Create a process for asking for Google Reviews as part of your ongoing strategy, so customers regularly leave positive reviews for your business.

Show Your Company Location on Your Google Business Listing

Ensure that your physical location is on your website. Also, add your site to your footer and on the contact page. Work from home? You can create your Google Business Listing by checking off the option for meeting clients at their location. With multiple locations, you can create a landing page for each business location. Include details about the specific location along with the business address, phone number, and hours on each page.

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