One of the ways you can get your email list and your website readers to follow you on social media is to integrate your social media links on your website. Here are some ways you can achieve a bigger social media reach on your platforms through your website.


Marketing a business online and within its community can help improve customer retention and discovery rates. Social media integration can help a company advertise new products, sales, and content effectively. Learning more about how social media integration can help a business can allow you to improve marketing practices within a marketing team.


What is Social Media Integration?


Social media integration is the use of social media in a marketing strategy. This can mean the business advertises its social media in business gatherings, meetings, webinars, on websites, or during product showings. Social media integration also means the business uses social media to direct customers to business events, making the advertising move both ways. Social media integration can help direct customers to a company’s website or inform them about company events, such as meetings or webinars. Companies can also use their websites to manage social media accounts, informing customers of them so they can follow them.


Benefits of Social Media Integration


Social media integration gives your audience more ways to engage and interact with your brand. When you’re creating more opportunities for your social media followers to share your content and promote your products or services for you, you can spread the word about your business quickly, using your current followers as a sort of referral partner when they share your business’ posts on social media.


When a company promotes its social media through multiple channels, it can help improve business awareness depending on those channels. Integrating social media into different aspects of business practices can help create awareness surrounding specific products. In addition, integrating social media into a business website can help improve the likelihood that a customer returns to make another purchase.


How to Integrate Social Media Profiles on Your Website


You can easily add your social media links to the bottom of your website. Add your social media links at the bottom of each page with a fun graphic within your site, or perhaps include your logos at the top or bottom of each of your website pages. Another way to integrate your social media within your website is by having an active feed of the media on your site page. This can show viewers of your website your social media’s language and may even score a purchase if the marketing team features a product or service on the new posts page.


Make your social media link into a QR code. During a presentation, have your QR code which leads to a company’s social media website, so your attendees have a quick and easy way to follow you online.


Lastly, you can also add your social account links to a workshop or webinar presentation. Create live polls through social media websites and encourage social media interaction during the webinar to answer customer questions or to receive feedback. Social media can advertise webinars by sending links, reminders, and updates as the webinar progresses.


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