Five Reasons to Keep Your Social Media Updated for Your Business

Social media is the platform by which you can lend your fan base a bit of your personality – for others to see who you are inside your business and to give them a sneak peak behind your business. When you use social media, you give your clients an opportunity to connect with you on many levels.

Not only are you connecting with your potential avatar when you post consistently on social media, you are connecting people to your business and giving them a reason to follow your feed. Unless you have been living in a cave, you know that social media has become a daily essential part of living. With the average time a person spends on social media at a little over two hours a day, if you aren’t posting on social media, you are missing a huge opportunity to get in front of and connecting with, potential and current customers.

Still not convinced you need to be on social media? Check out the following five ways that social media can become the grassroots foundation to your company’s financial success!

Reason #1: Make Your Brand Known

Social media offers your business a great avenue to be seen by your target audience. Build brand awareness and recognition through engaging posts and videos featuring your product or service. Consistent and regular posting, especially when you are educating your new followers, will attract more consumers to follow your feed and help your business be seen as an authority within your industry.

Reason #2: Drive Business to Your Company’s Website

If you’re looking for an easy solution to cutting through the craziness of SEO to have a more direct funnel back to your website, utilizing your social Media accounts are an effective way to increase the potential for clients to become exposed to your company. From here, you can drive potential consumers back to your blog, to sign-up for your lead magnet or newsletter, or direct them to your services page – all of which will have a positive impact on your website traffic.

Reason #3: Building Your Online Network

You may have heard about LinkedIn gaining industry traffic this past year. The fact is, using social media as a networking tool can reach an audience that has no geographical boundaries. Social media levels the playing field for new and small business owners as you can contact influential figures in the industry, sending them messages they are more likely to read than when opening an email. Engaging in their feeds will give them reason to check up on your profile to see who you are and the type of content you are creating, and if you are stirring up a buzz on your social media feed.

Reason #4: Boost Sales Leads

Social platforms connect with your customers on a more personal level and increase awareness about your brand which equates to boosting your leads and sales. Three billion people worldwide are using social media every month, which gives you a diverse and plentiful pool of potential customers waiting to buy your products.

Reason #5: Build Brand Loyalty

When you connect with customers and keep your company in front of them, you are building brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is key to word-of-mouth advertising, along with keeping your advertising costs low. While it does cost you money to retain your clients, the cost for onboarding a new client can be up to five times more costly! Why not build your client relationships online by tagging your customers on social media or offering them a discount on your product or service by tagging you on their feed?

No matter which social media platform you choose to dominate, pick one platform that works well for your vertical and start there! Not sure where to start? Contact us today for a complimentary consult to see how Visual Web Group can get your social media platform going to start connecting with your customers today!