Social media has a myriad of rules with the AI algorithms, so how can a small business owner keep up with the rules of engagement and grow your social media without spending several hours a week engaging with your followers?


While keeping your audience’s attention and love can be a big challenge in today’s social media world, In addition, there are so many brands, influencers, and content on social media that it’s hard to keep your audience’s attention. However, suppose you own a brand, small business, or a company. In that case, you can successfully grow your following without spending a significant amount of time on each platform.


Engaging your audience is key to getting their attention and love. When your audience engages with your brand, they get to know you and your brand. They then have a strong sense of community and connection with your brand. When you can engage with your audience, you build trust and an emotional connection.


So if you’d like to see more engagement on your social media platforms, try these three things you can do to keep your audience loving your social media platform.


Social Media Tip #1 Engage Your Audience to Provide Community


One element of your social media many audiences love is community! Social media is not just about you and your brand; it’s about your audience. Provide your audience with a conversation and a community on a social network. They will almost always engage with you in some fashion. Community is a great way to engage your audience on social media by providing a community where they can share their thoughts and stories and even get questions answered by your brand.


Your community can be in the form of a Facebook group, a webinar you host, or your private paid or unpaid platform, where members can interact and have conversations with other members and you. 


Inside your community, make sure your content is relevant and that you aren’t trying to sell them with every post. While selling is fine – and your followers are looking for your products or services – the primary intent of the community isn’t to sell – it’s to build relationships. 


Your content should revolve around product education and the love for your community. You can also share good stories about your company culture and values, along with highlighting team members and why you love having them on your team.


Social Media Tip #2 Engage Your Audience and Be Human


Another way to engage your audience is to be human. What does this mean? You want others to know that you are fallible to make mistakes and want to see the solution. While they don’t want to hear 


Being human is more important than being a brand name. If you can present yourself as a warm and personal human being, your audience will be more willing to engage with you. Your audience wants to connect with people, as well as your brand.

Social Media Tip #3 Engage Your Audience and Be Unique


The final but most effective way to engage your audience is to be unique. The best brands on social media are unique and stand out among their competitors. Whether your brand promotes simplicity, complexity, or a fun approach to solving a problem, you’ll want a unique spin to attract the right customers coming to your social media platform.


When you see a unique and different brand, it’s very easy to engage with them on social media. If you can manage to be unique and different, you can help your audience remember you and your brand.


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