Your Guide to Choosing the Right Domain Extension

Currently, you can find more than 1,500 domain extensions for your new website domain. When you’re trying to find the right name for your new domain for your business, you have many options to select from for your extension. When you’re not limited to a traditional TLD like .com means you can get more specific extensions that fit better for your brand than ever before.

What is a Domain Extension?

Domain name extensions are the last part of a domain name. For example, our website is a .com. Besides the most popular .com, you’ll see many other domain name extensions available if .com is taken. The most popular domain extensions are referred to as top-level domains, or TLDs. Your domain name and domain name extension give you a unique working domain name specific to your company which your target audience can type or click a hyperlink to access your website.

What is a Top Level Domain Extension?

The TLD is intended to communicate the purpose or location of a website. With several types of TLDs, the three most common are gTLD, ccTLD, and sTLD. Sponsored top-level domains, sTLDs, have a sponsor representing a specific community served by the domain, such as .gov for United States government sites, .post for postal services, and .mil for U.S. military websites. These types of domain extensions require strict ownership rules.

What is a Top Level Generic Domain?

Generic top-level domains, gTLDs, are domain extensions that aren’t tied to country codes or regions. They don’t require a representative and are not permanently restricted in terms of who can own them. However, some geographic domain extensions require registrants to live or do business in the area represented by the gTLD.

Why Are Domain Extensions Important for Branding?

You’ll need to put time and research into choosing the domain that’s right for your online presence. Consumers and others googling around on the internet will have their first digital impression of your company by your domain and your domain extension.

A .org domain usually represents a non-profit or community-driven website. If the domain ends with .edu, the website visitor understands that this domain is linked to an educational website or connected with a school or academy.

Taking the correct new domain extension for your web address is essential to relay the right message about your company or business. Choosing a descriptive domain of your industry vertical and explaining what you do is a simple and easy way to achieve your digital marketing brand. The popular .com is so standard that customers may not remember a web address that doesn’t end with a .com.

As new extensions become available, we’ll become more accustomed to alternate addresses, which will become easier for us to remember. Looking for a pizza for dinner tonight? Go to a .pizza web address.

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