Email Marketing is the act of sending promotional emails to a list of prospects using a specialized software known as an Email Service Provider, or ESP. To carry out an email marketing campaign, you need an email list that is a compilation of people interested in hearing from your business and who have given you permission to use their email for email marketing.


Email as an Effective Marketing Tool


Although email is known as one of the most effective modes of marketing, many business owners are opposed to using email for their digital marketing because they believe that email is a dead marketing format. However, email is a great way to get right in front of your prospect without any distractions or interference from an algorithm, such as social media marketing or trying to get to the top of Google. In addition, email is a powerful and inexpensive tool, and in the age of more humanized marketing, using email is a great way to have more personal conversations with your prospects. 

Email Provides Sustainable Marketing


Email provides more stability to small businesses as email hasn’t changed much since its inception. Companies that add email to their digital marketing strategy benefit immensely as a means of getting direct sales. It’s a great way to build relationships and confidence in your business and brand. Email marketing is a valuable tool in an entrepreneur’s arsenal to get in front of current and prospective clients.


Building an Email List


To build an email list, you need a lead magnet that is free content or resource offered to your prospects in exchange for their email address. Your lead magnet can be in the form of an ebook, newsletter, pdf, or free online course and should provide educational information on your vertical that your email recipients would find of value for growing their business or personal agendas.



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