When advertising products and services, many companies think about what they want to say when pitching their product or educational content to add value for their consumers. Many business owners tend to forget the most crucial element of advertising – the call to action.

What is a Call To Action?

A call to action is the ask you give at the end of your pitch. It’s the next step you want your potential or current customers to take when they are done watching or reading your advertisement. This is a crucial component to sales funnels as your CTA directs consumers down your sales pipeline to the next product or service you want them to purchase.

Think of Your Call to Action as the First Contact in Your Sales Force

There is a reason the CTA button on websites has become an on-site staple content. Your call to action, or CTA, is your opportunity to motivate your audience to take those next steps toward becoming a customer or client. Having a good CTA can be the determining factor between a lead and a conversion for sale. Your call to action is the most essential part of your site or digital advertising campaign. When you skip the CTA, you won’t have the opportunity to grab more potential customers to buy your product.

Create a Simple Call to Action for Your Customer

The easier it is for your potential clients to take the next step, the more people will buy the product or service you offer. Your well-written, engaging, and easy-to-use CTA creates a better user experience by giving them your product or service in an eye-catching, brightly colored button to guide them to the next phase of the buying process. When you’ve given your buyers the easiest route to the next step in your sales funnel, you’ll eliminate the need for them to go to another competitor to solve their problem. Buyers are highly conditioned to look for and click on your CTA. Ensure and facilitate a smooth buying process by giving consumers looking for your product or service what they want by making your CTA simple and easy to use!

CTA as Part of Your Digital Advertising Plan

The purpose of digital advertising is to generate hype and excitement around your product or service. You want to grab the attention of consumers and encourage them to buy your offering. The call to action is the critical puzzle piece emphasizing the power of your digital or traditional ad copy. Without a CTA, your copy message will fail because your message will be lost with your potential buyers if you don’t have the final hook that inspires customers to take the next step.

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