Many small business owners aren’t sure which social media platforms they should post on or what they should do on social media. While it’s a good idea to gain exposure through social media, you want to be on the platform where your audience or avatar will be found. Although social media can be hard to decipher and figure out, here are some suggestions on which social media platforms are suitable for different businesses. Read below to find out which social media channels will generate the most cover depending on the type of company you run.

Facebook for Small Business Social Media


If you have a consumer-facing business and an older target demographic, Facebook is the platform for your company. Still the largest venue in the world with over 2 billion users, Facebook has over a billion consumers logging on daily, making this social media platform a great place to find your target audience–along with new leads. In addition, Facebook offers the opportunity for businesses to connect with audiences on social media and create a loyal following using pages or groups for your business.


To do well on Facebook, you’ll want to generate content that allows your customers to connect with your business on a more personal level. For example, you may create a private group, where members can pay to join and have a more personalized experience. Behind-the-scenes content that humanizes your brand and user-generated content are two excellent types of content you can use for your social media content on Facebook. 


Instagram the Social Media for Visual Businesses


Instagram lends itself well to businesses with strong visual content, such as interior decorators, artists, and professional travel companies. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with more photographable content from your brand. In addition, Instagram posts and “stories” (a short video feature) allow businesses to show, rather than tell, an audience about their values and personality. 


In addition, Instagram also paves the way for easy eCommerce for your company. Instagram Shops is a new feature that allows users to make purchases from businesses directly through the app. If your brand is sharing picture-worthy products, it only takes a few clicks for someone to purchase your products. So, suppose your audience is typically a younger demographic and likely to shop from their mobile device. In that case, Instagram should be a hit for your business if you post to shops on social media. 


LinkedIn The Best Platform for Business to Business Commerce on Social Media


Many business owners understand they need to be on Linkedin but aren’t sure how to leverage the platform. Not only does LinkedIn has the distinction of being the most utilized platform for older audiences, with the social media business giant boasting the largest user demographic among ages 30-49; LinkedIn is in a class of its own with its narrow social media focus.


Platforms like LinkedIn are ideal for business to business purposes as they allow brands to connect with new audiences, meeting them where they go to network and do business. For example, companies and business owners can use LinkedIn to create a company page, look for employees, and post the latest company products or services to the platform to share with followers. In addition, other LinkedIn users can follow companies, so when the company posts to their page on social media, their content will show up directly in the feed of their followers. Because of this, LinkedIn is the best social media platform for B2B lead generation, general networking, and recruiting employees.


In addition, any member of LinkedIn can use this business social media platform to search for jobs and network professionally. LinkedIn is also a great resource for employees looking to check out a company’s culture and search for their next new career move.


Why Use YouTube for Your Social Media


YouTube is the second-most visited website on the internet (next to Google), so there is undoubtedly potential to be found. Video is the main component of this social media giant. There isn’t a shortage of topics and genres on this social media video channel. 


If you have a service-oriented business, use how-to videos, are in the travel industry, YouTube is a no-brainer. With the ability to schedule and tag your videos for searchers to find them, YouTube is a great way to find a following with people and consumers who have a similar interest in this social media channel. 


Podcasters have taken advantage of using YouTube as one of their channels for production as many people who are already on YouTube watching other videos will also watch a podcast on video when they are surfing this social media channel. 


To get more traction on YouTube, make sure that your videos are ten to 12 minutes long and focused on one key point or topic. Lastly, make sure to ask your audience questions and deliver your call to action at the end of your video.


TikTok Now Being Used for Business Social Media


Believe it or not, many business owners are now using TikTok to leverage a following on social media. This visual platform with video and still image content is perfect if you’re looking to attract a young demographic, especially if you have interactive videos that show your company’s face. Unlike YouTube, however, this fast-paced, trend-oriented social media , is known for its short-form videos. TikTok is best for visual-based businesses like art, food, retail, beauty, and service industries. In addition, TikTok has a very young demographic, making this social media platform helpful in targeting the 18-24 age group and building brand awareness.

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