In the digital age, one can get information on how to do just about anything, and a website is no exception. There are numerous website-building platforms, some even free, that the average person can use to build a website. However, if you are looking for a website that stands out and has more functionality that you will have full control over, then you will need to engage the services of a professional web designer. The market is full of web designers, and it might be overwhelming to pick the right one. So what should you know when hiring a website designer? First, we must look at what a web designer does and the differences between a designer and a developer.


What is a Web Designer?


A web designer is responsible for the look and feel of your site, which means they will design your website’s layout, functionality, and visual appeal. A web designer will help you choose colors and create logos and mock-ups of the website. In addition, your designer should know concepts such as a call to action and content organization, which will help you have a functional website. On the other hand, a website developer is a programmer who will actualize a designer’s mock-up by building a functional website by writing code using various programming languages. Developers are especially necessary for sites that require complex features and functionality. Let’s now look at what to consider when hiring a website designer.


Is the Designer Experienced in Your Industry?


Does your designer have experience building websites for businesses in your industry? Picking a designer with experience in your industry will increase your chances of getting a high-quality site. A designer who has built sites for similar businesses will understand your goals and customize a site that meets your needs. Many designers create sites for all industries, but some specialize in building sites for specific industries, and if you can find one, they will be a good choice. Ask your designer for their portfolio of previous work, and if you are impressed, they will build you the kind of website you want. You may also ask your buddies and business associates with quality sites in your industry for references.


What is Your Budget?


As you focus on the designer’s experience and quality of work, you should always have a budget in mind. You can start by researching the average fee web designers charge for the site you need, which will give you confidence as you approach different designers. Ask your designer to break down all the costs to get the best value for your money. Always settle for a designer within your budget range.


Does the Designer Offer Additional Services?


Web design and development encompasses many phases, and some designers may only do so much. Find out what extra services your potential designer offers before hiring them. For instance, some designers will offer design, development, and hosting. Other designers could offer online marketing services such as web copywriting, SEO, PPC advertising, analytics tools, and social media marketing. Hiring a web designer that offers additional services could simplify your work. Depending on your needs, you may also opt to hire different professionals for every kind of work.


Customer Support 


Creating a website is a process with ongoing costs even after the website is launched. It is essential to hire a designer who offers great customer support and communicates effectively with you and your team during the design process. Besides, websites must be updated, especially with third-party plugins or special software. A good designer should provide maintenance services or refer you to someone who will do it for you. Your initial interactions with a potential designer will give you a feel of their communication skills and the kind of customer support you will likely get.


Knowing how to hire the best website designer is vital for your business. Considering the above points, you now know what to look for when hiring a professional website designer. You are now ready to pick a designer to create a functional website at an affordable price.


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