The Average Cost of Website Design for a Small Business


Website design and creation can be incredibly important to your small business. Getting your name and content onto the internet is crucial in this digital age where a Google search will show potential clients dozens to thousands of results. A well-established website could help your business stick out among the others.


There are a few ways to go about website design and creation. On one hand, DIY may look more cost-effective than hiring a professional. But on the other hand, a professional may be able to assist you with your SEO and other marketing strategies that you may be too busy to manage yourself. Whether you utilize your abilities or those of a professional, there are many options to go about website design that can work with your budget. 

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DIY Website Costs


A DIY website can be advantageous depending on who you are and the goal of your website. A common misconception of DIY is that it’s more cost-effective, but if you don’t know where to start, a DIY project could end up being more costly than hiring a professional. 


Many great platforms can assist you in the creation and design of your website. Squarespace is a commonly-used platform that specializes in eCommerce. Wix is another platform for website building that caters to businesses and bloggers. GoDaddy is another common platform that is similar to Squarespace. With so many fantastic options, DIY website design can be overwhelming. 


Squarespace offers a free trial and then a paid plan that averages between $20 to $60 per month depending on the plan you choose.

Wix offers a free version of the program, but a paid plan can cost between $16 to $45 per month.

GoDaddy offers a free version as well, with paid plans ranging from $7 to $35 per month.


The cost of a DIY website design depends on your materials. There is potential for a little-to-no-cost website design, but it’s not always wise to associate DIY with inexpensive. 


Cost for Hiring a Professional to Design Your Website


Just like a DIY website, a hired professional for website design has pros and cons. A professional for your website design could mean another name on the payroll but it could also mean a cleaner, crisper website. With a professional, there is a higher likelihood of correctly utilized SEO. Of course, a professional can be expensive, but so can a DIY project. It all depends on what you need to do. 


For your website designer, you want a mix of creativity and business savvy. A website that engages with SEO may not be as user-friendly or nice to look at, just as a pretty website may not be attracting the proper clientele. Someone with marketing experience is always a bonus. 

Each freelance website designer will most likely charge you a variety of prices depending on skill and qualifications, but the average price is around $75 an hour. Remember: you’re not just buying a website, you’re renting someone’s marketing experience and time as well. 


Advantages of Having a Professional Manage Your Website


There are plenty of advantages to having a professional manage your website design. Having a professional may relieve time from your busy schedule, allowing you more time to handle other specifics of your brand and business. 


A professional can offer you better SEO optimization, as they will have an extensive understanding of how SEO works and how to best utilize tools to get you more potential clients. 


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