Many of my clients have told me, “I know I should be on LinkedIn, but I’m not sure how to use it!” Whether you are a small business or part of a large corporate team, having a LinkedIn presence and utilizing this business social media platform can bring people into your network you wouldn’t have otherwise met because of geographical boundaries.


LinkedIn is a powerful business networking platform for reaching professional audiences around the globe. Whether you’re a brand, business, or new entrepreneur, being active on LinkedIn can help grow and expand your professional network and your business income! 


By creating an engaged LinkedIn community, brands can attract new and diverse talent, raise their profile with potential investors or brand ambassadors, and reach potential new customers. Find out how to open up new marketing opportunities and the chance to build a strong network of professional followers.


You can start networking on LinkedIn today by learning these three ways to grow your business using these LinkedIn marketing strategies. So start now and watch your network grow!



LinkedIn Marketing Strategy #1: Build a Company Page


Build your business brand on LinkedIn by creating and optimizing your LinkedIn Company Page. When you create your company page, make sure to add an About bio that tells your brand’s story in a concise and captivating way by completing and forging a solid and consistent profile with a business page. Learn who your avatar is and target your company page to them specifically.


LinkedIn Marketing Strategy #2: Use LinkedIn Analytics


LinkedIn Analytics can give you a better understanding of your audience to see if you’re targeting the right audience for your platform. When viewing your company page insights, find out what posts are viewed, and use this data to build your digital content marketing plan.


LinkedIn Marketing Strategy #3: Find Engaging Images


The LinkedIn algorithm prioritizes posts containing images; as well, we know, a picture can speak a thousand words! Photographs not only take up more real estate but are more engaging. They are more prominent and likely to catch someone’s eye as they scroll through their LinkedIn Home Feed. Engaging images and videos effectively stand out from the crowd and captures users’ attention.


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