When you hear someone say they don’t have website traffic, the business owner usually does little or no digital marketing. Digital marketing includes any form of marketing created to be used on any digital platform online. Examples of digital marketing include: website content and website builds, email marketing, digital advertising, social media marketing, lead magnets, ebooks, online courses, Google My Business profiles, and ad banners. In today’s world, digital marketing is an essential asset to growing and building your customer base and letting your prospects know who you are and what you do.


Tip #1: Take time to plan your digital marketing


One of the biggest reasons people don’t engage and create their own digital marketing plan is that they don’t carve out the time to plan. Instead, they haphazardly put content into the digital marketplace without rhyme or reason. But, unfortunately, putting out content alone will not get you the needed exposure! As a business owner, you want to create the most effective marketing plan to use your time and marketing dollars effectively.


Tip #2: Use content pillars


Start with your content pillars – these are content categories based on your brand. For example, the owner of a cleaning service may have content marketing pillars such as cleaning executive offices, organizing and managing your home, or moving-out and move-in cleans. Choose a different content pillar for each month, then write all your content around that topic. This way, no matter what platform your followers are on, they will see your consistent message throughout your digital channels.


In addition to seeing the same message, using content pillars is an excellent way to generate ideas as you’re writing about the same idea but with different topics. For example, using Google Trends – a free keyword research tool – you can find many popular ideas around your subject or topics to write about for your blogs, newsletters, and video content.


Tip #3: Organize your marketing on a calendar


Organizing your marketing efforts on a calendar is a great way to ensure you utilize multiple touchpoints on different days. For example, you may publish your email newsletter on Mondays, publish your podcast on Tuesdays, and post your blog on Wednesdays. This visually shows you how and when your touch points will be, and you will also get into the habit of publishing regularly. Now that you have a cadence, you can efficiently plan out your digital marketing.


In addition to giving you a good marketing habit, organizing your marketing efforts on a calendar and having consistent content posted on specific days gives you followers an expectation. For example, if you’re creating a LIVE video to bring value to your clients weekly, your clients know they can show up each week to see and view your content. This builds reliability and trust among your followers and is a great way to build relationships.


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