Video marketing to increase your website SEO

Many of us don’t like getting in front of the camera, but did you know that video is crucial in driving business to your website and your business?

Google SEO Looks for Video Content

When you search for a topic on google, what is featured on the top line of your search? Videos are featured in highlighted searches because they are the most popular type of media. Consumers will often watch a video before they read a blog or article for information about a product or service. As a result, videos are a significant element to add to your website for additional SEO. Do you have video content for your website SEO?

In addition to looking and searching up the text on your website page, Google also scans your website for other media types, such as video. When your website has the right mix of text and other media such as quality visuals like videos, this sends a signal to Google that your site pages are varied and informative. As a result, Google will rank your website higher than other websites that don’t have video, which boosts SEO. When you have great SEO, potential clients will see your site before visiting your competition’s website.

Invest in Video Content for Your Website

People are more likely to visit your website if they find your video online. By watching your video on YouTube and other social media channels, they stay on your platform. They are more likely to click through to your website link. This is one of the main reasons why so many business and consumer-facing companies have launched their own video on their website and are investing heavily in video content.

Video Increases SEO by Keeping Watchers on Your Site Longer

Search engines such as Google pay close attention to how long people are staying on your site. When you have a large amount of incoming traffic, that leaves after a few moments that tell Google’s AI that your content isn’t exciting and that consumers or business owners are going to other sites for answers.

With the addition of video content, visitors to your website will stay on your page more consistently for more extended periods. People are more likely to watch a video than read a blog post or article, even if both types of media are focusing on the same content with the same topic. By adding video to your website, you’ll increase the amount of time someone spends on your page, significantly improving your bounce rate, telling search engines like Google and Bing to boost your website to the top of their rankings!

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