When it comes to being seen on the internet, it’s essential to have original content, or original copy, for your website, blogs, and social media. Although this may feel very daunting, you can create original content by writing your own content or hiring a writer to develop good-quality content for your business.


What is Original Content?

Original content is written and authored by a person and posted on the internet, a published book, an article, or an editorial. Any content that is created and not copied from another author is considered original content.


Your thoughts, ideas, methodologies, or processes can all be written down to create original content. Many times, educating your clients on the basics of how your product or service works is a great place to start writing original content.


You can create original content in podcasts, blogs, newsletters, advertorials, editorials, or micro-blogging on the internet, just to name a few examples. Original content can be found in all writing formats, whether it’s content for your digital marketing campaign or writing about your experience in your journal; if you created the content without using another person’s work, then it’s original content.


Why is Original Content so Important?

There are several reasons why original content is essential when you’re a small business owner or a website domain owner who wants to gain traction on the web in the form of visitors to your website.


First, if the content is written by you – or a ghostwriter – people seek out original content to find information for educational purposes or entertainment. Second, consumers enjoy reading new content for many different reasons, so they might as well read your website content over your competitor’s content.


Secondly, you want to make sure you are on the right track as far as copyrighting. You don’t want to be caught in a dispute with another person you have copied information. That is plagiarism and carries a hefty fine and penalty.


Lastly, Google loves consistent, fresh, original content. If you want to rank on Google ahead of your competitors, create original content consistently.


Why is content important for your SEO?

Google looks for original content when its web crawlers are running through the billions of articles on the web that are a possibility as an answer to a search query. For example, suppose you are posting consistent content on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. In that case, Google will recognize that you are creating content and bump up your website rankings, giving you a better shot at moving ahead of your competition on the Google Map Pack or a Google search.


How can I create original content?

There are many ways you can create content. You can start by writing down a list of your customer’s most frequently asked questions. Google search these questions to find out other similar questions consumers are asking and make a list of those search questions.


Once you have the questions people are asking for on Google, write down answers to those questions. If you’re writing a blog post, you want the answer to be a minimum of 300 words. If you are writing a newsletter for your email list, you want to have a smaller one to two-paragraph content. When writing articles or posts for LinkedIn or micro-blogging on Instagram, you’ll want to keep your content to 100 words or under.


Another choice is to hire a writer to complete the content for your business. This takes the pressure and stress of writing off your plate and onto the writer’s plate. Make sure to choose a professional content company and finishes work on time, such as Write For You. Choose a company that has writers in the language you want people to read your content in and agree upon the scope of work and price before you start to work together. We also recommend hiring a writer who interviews you to get a better picture of the content you want to create.


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