I’ve heard many business owners talk about LinkedIn. They know they need to be on LinkedIn as a business owner, but how can you network on LinkedIn? How can an entrepreneur grow their network using LinkedIn marketing?


Many business owners understand that LinkedIn is a business networking platform. Still, many company CEOs aren’t sure how to leverage the power of networking online for their business. Here are ten top tips for building, networking, and using the power of social media to grow and expand your business network.



Tip #1: add the “open to work” logo on your profile picture to let others know you are seeking employment. You can add this new feature by editing your profile on your LinkedIn to let others know you are open to work. This is a relatively new feature on LinkedIn and is perfect for those transitioning jobs and freelancers looking to take on new clients.


Tip #2: follow hashtags of your industry to see what’s new and trending in your vertical, find out what’s happening and whom you should connect with on LinkedIn. Learn who is talking about what topics in your industry and discover which people create a buzz on LinkedIn. From here, you can choose profiles to connect with and message.


Tip #3: engage in articles – leave thoughtful comments and questions under articles posted by others in your vertical to promote your expertise online. While using the liking or clapping emojis is fine, leaving feedback or information in the comments section shows you are involved in the conversation and will get more eyeballs on your social media LinkedIn profile. When I engage in conversations, I have double the number of people on LinkedIn looking at my profile. So give it a shot and see for yourself!


Tip #4: write articles – when you post natively on LinkedIn, you can write articles showing your expertise. Repurpose blog articles or current editorials, research papers you have used in the past to inform other people in your circle and get noticed by employers and prospective clients. You don’t have to create new content, take an article or post you’ve written and add a fresh spin to your LinkedIn feed.


Tip #5: Make sure to have a well-written about section that tells about you – not the company for which you work. If you’re looking to have your LI profile professionally written, contact me at lynn@writeforyou.me.


Tip #6: Connect with others on LinkedIn – find connections you already know, send them a message and connect with them to add friends and associates to your contacts list.


Tip #7: Take skills tests – at the bottom of your profile, take a skills test aligned with your skillset so others can see what you know. This relatively new feature shows others your expertise in your field.


Tip #8: have your profile completely filled out for every section – without a complete profile, people won’t see who you are or what you can do. LinkedIn profiles are the first impression of your business’s social media profile, so make sure to write about the superpowers and strengths you bring to your work.


Tip #9: Smile! People are inclined to connect with you if they see a friendly face. So make sure to have a smile and look at the camera for your profile picture. Images and profile pictures that are very serious aren’t welcoming and will turn away prospective connections.


Tip #10: Post regularly – post images, articles, and presentations directly to LinkedIn to reach out and start conversations with your network and other professionals on LinkedIn.


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