Brand management refers to the building, maintaining, and improving of a brand’s reputation and image in the marketplace. When you’re building your brand, you will want to consider all six basic essentials of brand management so your message comes across clearly on all your digital marketing channels. In addition, you want your followers or leads to notice your brand on all platforms. With excellent brand management, you will achieve a succinct, noticeable platform that gets your followers involved and engaged in your content marketing.


Six Essential Components of Brand Strategy


Component #1: Brand strategy is when a business or person develops a long-term plan for positioning the brand in the marketplace and how your brand, service, or product will be differentiated from competitors. Do you have a sub-niche of a popular category that differentiates your brand, or is how you deliver your service unique? Find an organic way that naturally differentiates your brand from your competitors. Use that perspective to drive sales.


Component #2: Brand identity creates visual and verbal elements representing your brand, such as the logo, tagline, and messaging. People and followers will identify with your message, so make sure it’s clear and consistent across all your platforms. A good place to start is by creating your MDP – market-dominating position – and using this position that you’ve created to market your brand, product, or service.


Component #3: Brand messaging is the type of language, tone, and style communicating the brand’s values and benefits, along with your brand personality, to the target audience. Are you quirky, serious, or funny? What is your brand personality, and how do you plan to incorporate your personality into your messaging? Again, make sure your messaging is consistent across all channels. In addition, you’ll want your messaging to match up with the services and products you offer.


Component #4: Brand awareness increases your brand’s visibility and recognition via advertising, social media, paid advertising, and other marketing outlets. Brand awareness is a vital marketing component as it drives more eyes to your website and, hopefully, more sales! In the past five years, influencer management and promotion have been a big part of brand awareness for some products. If you decide to use an influencer, make sure to screen them ahead and choose an influencer that is popular on the channel your ideal avatar is watching.


Component 5: Brand equity establishes your brand’s perceived value and measures your brand’s value and impact on the business’s financial performance. This involves making sure your brand solves a pain point and using this perspective when planning and writing your content marketing.


Component 6: Brand loyalty builds a base of loyal customers who choose the brand over competitors based on their positive experiences and emotional connection with the brand. Brand loyalty is one of the most sought-after components of brand management. It will give your company repeat sales and higher profit margins when your ideal avatar sees your company as the solution to its problem.


Effective brand management requires understanding your ideal target audience, the current market trends, and your business niche’s competitive landscape. In addition, a good brand manager also monitors and analyzes your marketing data to ensure the brand remains relevant and resonates with customers.


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