Gettr is a new social media platform similar to Twitter with a political twist. The name ‘GETTR’ was a play on “Getting Together.” But is this platform a viable social media outlet for your company? 


What is Gettr?


The Gettr app first went live in June of 2021 and is described as a “non-bias social network for people all over the world.” It’s one of many new social media platforms to arise and promote free speech principles as alternatives to Big Tech platforms. 


Despite differences in intention, Gettr has many similarities to Twitter, with an almost identical mobile interface, and is supposed to include videos, text posts, and live streams. In addition, Gettr was created due to backlash on mainstream social media platforms, primarily against conservatives. The Gettr app is run by Donald Trump’s former spokesperson, Jason Miller, who appeals to right-wing thinkers. But whether or not Gettr will be as successful as Twitter or other mainstream social media platforms is still to be determined. 


Who Uses Gettr? 


At the beginning of 2022, an estimated 700,000 users downloaded the app after podcaster Joe Rogan announced he had a Gettr profile. As of November of 2021, Gettr reports 400,000 active users. Compared to Twitter’s 206 million (not to mention Facebook’s 1.9 billion), Gettr still has a lot of room for growth. 


The app has marketed itself as an alternative for anyone who felt ostracized or silenced by mainstream social media platforms, especially conservatives. Gettr can offer a space for many like-minded people to gather. However, their views are unlikely to gain much traction beyond the conservative space the app has created for them. 


What Safety and Identity Theft Issues Does Gettr have as a Social Media Platform? 


When the app first launched, it was overrun by hackers, fake accounts, and other questionable content such as pornography that sent the Gettr team scrambling for the first few days of activity. Hackers were able to manipulate Gettr’s API to scrape the email addresses of several thousand users, as well as usernames, names, and birthdays, according to Alon Gal, from cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock. 


Other question marks have been raised surrounding account security, as many official Gettr accounts were compromised. In addition, fake brand accounts have also been seen parading on Gettr. While fake or bot accounts are present on many social media platforms, Gettr’s history about the number of fake accounts and bots on its platform raises concerns about the app’s overall security. 


Can I Use Gettr for my Company’s Social Media? 


If your business demographic is geared towards fellow conservatives, there may be a platform in Gettr for you to connect and network with like-minded people. In addition, Gettr lacks reach and audience numbers on mainstream platforms, which may not be an effective tool for a brand’s efforts in digital marketing and lead generation.


Because of the app’s size, age, and history of technical issues, along with account security issues, using Gettr as your company’s primary social media may not yield the results you’re looking for as a business owner. In addition, the chances of having your information or account hacked are higher on Gettr than other platforms, so that is a significant consideration when thinking about using this social media platform for your company or small business.

Using Mainstream Social Media Platforms for a Better ROI on Your Time and Money


Suppose you want to market your business with a good return on your time and money investment. For this reason, you’ll want to choose a platform with a larger audience and better account security, such as Twitter, Instagram, or Clubhouse. Using these channels with a track record is a better choice for a business that wants to use a social media platform that is safer and more reliable to get the message out about their business.


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