Marketing is crucial for all brands and businesses, and LinkedIn offers a unique and valuable platform to connect with professionals in your field. Try out these tips to get the most out of your LinkedIn page. 


#1. Optimize Your Profile for Search Ability on LinkedIn


By now, you’ve hopefully completed your LinkedIn profile. Be sure to check for any errors or gaps in your profile. Adding your current job title and a high-quality profile picture will also help with boosting profile views and engagement. 


Including keywords in your profile will increase your profile’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This will make your business easier to find online. Good keywords for your industry would be something a prospective client might type into their search bar when trying to find your product or service. 


#2. Create and Share Quality Content on LinkedIn


Content is king on any social platform, including LinkedIn. Sharing quality content on LinkedIn can help you reach countless professionals. Sharing relevant blogs, articles, or videos related is a great way to start tapping into your target market.


Consistency is key, and sharing content often will help you build a consistent following. Content marketing can be easier think with online tools such as Canva and Unsplash available to help you create amazing content. 


#3. Grow Your Network


There are many ways to start networking on LinkedIn. You can start by inviting customers and partners to your page through email. LinkedIn Premium provides InMail, which allows you to connect with other experts in your field through personalized mail. Plus, InMail gets three times as many responses than regular email.


A satisfied client’s testimonial can be invaluable, too. Seeing a real client’s satisfaction with their experience gives confidence to new customers (and boosts yours, too). You can also use recommendations while job searching, and pay it forward by writing recommendations for others. 

#4. Encourage Your Employees to Join LinkedIn


If applicable, have employees complete their own profiles and follow your company page. This will grow your presence on LinkedIn and boost credibility. A Slack channel for sharing social media posts is a great way to engage with your employees on a company page. Employees are an invaluable form of advocacy, as well as the most likely to share your business’ content. 


#5. Take Advantage of Ads on LinkedIn


LinkedIn’s Matched Audience features is one of the platform’s great marketing perks. It curates the most relevant ad viewing for each user, allowing you to reach your target audience easier. 


By connecting multiple times with people already familiar with your brand–such as those who have already visited your website–you increase the likelihood of winning them over. Matched Audience is a great way to connect and reconnect with prospective customers and encourage them to give you a shot. 


#6. Review Your Analytics Data on LinkedIn


Once you’re posting consistently, review post effectiveness with LinkedIn Analytics. This will show you how your content is doing well, and where there’s room for improvement. 


LinkedIn Analytics consists of three sections: Visitor Analytics, Update Analytics, and Follower Analytics. Through these tools, you can view your page’s views, engagement with your posts, demographics of followers, and much more. Use this to intelligently curate your LinkedIn content to be its most effective. 


#7. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment 


If at first you don’t succeed–well, you know the rest. Once you have the basics down, find what works for your individual brand. One size does not fit all, and creativity goes a long way in online marketing. 


One tip is to get a feel for your competitor’s pages. See what they’re doing right–and what you can do better. Wherever there’s a gap in your sector, see how you can fill it. Before you know it, marketing through LinkedIn will be second-nature. 


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