Hashtags are everywhere, running rampant on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. And while hashtags can generate buzz and establish your brand’s online presence, you need to know how to create hashtags for your brand when promoting your business or platform on social media.


With social media changing constantly, the unspoken rules of social media can be challenging to keep up with when you’re running a business. So here are some techniques to create hashtags that will provide more coverage and interactions with your tribe.

  1. Define Your Intention with Your Branded Hashtag


What do you want to do with your hashtag? Are people going to be using it to show off their new purchases from your company? Will they be chiming into a larger conversation? Knowing your end goal will help find a starting point to choosing a hashtag for your brand. First, find a name or tag that conveys your brand’s message. If your hashtag is too broad, how can you tailor it to your own brand? 


  1. Aim for a Short, Sweet, and Unique Branded Hashtag


In marketing, there’s rarely a one-size-fits-all arrangement. However, it’s best to err on the short side instead of having a lengthy tag when it comes to hashtags. Effective hashtags are clear and concise. If your audience has to ponder your hashtag, you’ve already lost the digital marketing battle.


Find a balance between creativity and clarity when you choose your hashtag. You can start by playing with a short phrase or tagline. A confusing hashtag could do more bad than good, but choosing a unique and catchy hashtag is worth its weight in promotional gold. 


  1. Less is More in the Hashtag World 


You can add up to 30 hashtags on one Instagram post, but make sure to pare down your list to the essentials. Like SEO, hashtag algorithms will flag posts with excessive hashtags as spam. This will sink your promotional material to the bottom of the social media barrel.  


Remember, not every type of character or symbol can be placed in a hashtag. Punctuation marks and special characters won’t work, but feel free to add an emoji to spice it up every now and then.


  1. Keep Your Branded Hashtag Consistent with Your Brand


Keeping your hashtag in line with your brand’s tone is essential for your branding strategy. Is your company down-to-earth and relatable, or more formal and serious? Not every brand will have the same tone. Therefore, not every brand can use the same kind of hashtag. Determine where your business falls on that spectrum, and proceed accordingly.


  1. Keep Your Audience in Mind When Choosing a Hashtag


Your audience will be the one perpetuating your brand’s hashtag, so create one they’ll be excited to use. Social media marketing is meant to engage your target demographic, so use what you already know that is simple and easy to remember. What kind of hashtags is already circulating in the community? Make sure to use a different hashtag for your branded hashtag to avoid being confused with another company. Your business can also showcase the best photos under a hashtag. So while your customers will gain exposure, you’ll receive new, genuine content. 


  1. Make Your Hashtag Clever or Topical 


Evoking emotion is a great way to get a hashtag circulating. Something may be happening in the world right now that can relate to your brand. For as long as that topic is relevant, your brand can benefit promotionally.


You may also try a hashtag that elicits an emotional response from users. Something that makes people laugh, cry, or gasp is likely to be shared, leaving a lasting impression about your brand. 


  1. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread, Your Branded Hashtag


Like any piece of writing, check your hashtags for errors. This includes anything from spelling mistakes to hashtags that have been ‘shadowbanned.’ Hashtags that have been de-prioritized by the algorithm will make it difficult to reach your audience. Use online tools to check hashtags before posting, like Display Purposes or IQHashtags


Even though hashtags can be confusing, properly utilizing them can bring your content right to the feet of your target audience, increasing customer retention and brand interaction.


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