SEO Tools for Website Analysis


Your brand’s website is full of amazing content but it may be getting lost in all of the digital noise. If your engagement is not exactly where you’d like it to be, it may be time to consider website analysis. Website analysis is a great way to test your engagement.


A website analysis can help you take a deep look at your current tools for search engine optimization and determine the effectiveness of your current marketing strategies. Using SEO tools to analyze your website is important because there could be weak spots in your content that may be costing you engagement and potential clients.  

What is a Website Analysis?


A website analysis means exactly that…an analysis of your website. Just like any other part of your brand, testing is key. You wouldn’t want to put out content that your audience won’t engage with, and testing your website ensures that your content is being viewed. In a website analysis, you may look at key metrics that affect your search engine optimization (your SEO) such as traffic, user experience, speed, and other important analytics. 


Why Website Analysis is Important for Your Business


You put work and resources into your website content, so of course, you want it to be seen! Working with search engines by utilizing SEO tools and performing a website analysis will not only get your website more users but could also help guarantee that you are providing efficient, valuable information to current and future clients. 


Depending on the results, there can be much you can learn from a website analysis. Perhaps you possess needed information, but your content may be too long or too short or doesn’t contain important keywords that potential clientele may be searching for. A website analysis will tell you exactly what you need to do to improve your content. 


Free Website Analysis Tools


There are many tried-and-true free website analysis tools that you can use for your brand or business. This list is not comprehensive but can still get you started on your website analytic journey. 


  • Google Analytics: A free and easy way to view aspects like traffic and goal conversions
  • Mixpanel: An advanced analytics platform that specializes in tracking customer behavior
  • Matomo: Another free alternative to Google Analytics

Paid Website Analytic Tools


If you’ve got some change to spare for your data analytics, there are some excellent paid website analytics tools you can use to become informed about/learn to best utilize SEO tools for your website analysis. 


  • HubSpot: $40+/month, this tool is great for businesses selling product
  • Adobe Analytics: An advanced alternative to Google Analytics, price upon request
  • Lucky Orange: $10+/month, this tool views more advanced analytics like conversion funnels


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