You know you have to have a blog to get the word out about your business, but many business owners aren’t sure where to start writing a blog post. How long does your post need to be? What topics should you write about? How do you create notable, attention-grabbing titles?


Start with a Great Topic


To start your blog post, you’ll want to choose a fantastic topic, but where do you start? The best place to begin selecting topics is to get out a pen and paper and start jotting down the most frequently asked questions you received from your customers. Usually, these are the fundamental questions in your industry. You’d be surprised how many customers will be looking for the answers to these same questions.


Once you’ve written down all the questions, do a google search to see which questions are popular. You’ll most likely find that many of your questions will already appear in a google search, and that’s OK. You can still write a blog post on that question. As a matter of fact, if your question appears on many pages of google search, that’s in your favor because this means that your question is a popular search and consumers are looking for the answer to that question.


If you have a question that isn’t popular on Google, try changing the question slightly. You can also look down the page to see what people are asking that is similar to your inquiry. Then, read through the answers and write down any other questions sparked from reading another website’s content. Next, Google-search up those questions and repeat the process.


Use Google Search to Find Topics


Now that you’ve looked up your questions and have found more questions to use as blog topics, scroll down to the bottom of the page. At the end of each search page, you’ll find suggestions on what other consumers and searchers ask on Google. Look through those topics to see if any of these Google suggestions look like a topic you would like to write about in your own website blog.


How to Outline Your Blog Post


Once you’ve written down some titles that you’d like to write about for your blog post, you’ll want to outline what you’d like to say. You can create a very detailed outline if that is helpful; however, all you really need to write a blogpost is four to five bullet points, which will become the subheaders of your blog post.

Blog Headers that Get Noticed


At this point, you have your topic ideas, questions to write about, an outline, so what’s next? Before you write your post, you’ll want to make sure that your subheaders are searchable. So how can you ensure that people will be looking for your headers and subtitles? First, make sure you have keywords – words that people are searching for on Google. You’ll want to create your entire blog around one focused keyword. However, you’ll also need to place other vital keywords into each of your headers. Although you don’t need to have the same keywords in all of your subtitles, you definitely want to have at least one keyword in each subtitle to ensure searchability so your potential clients can find your blog posts.

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