There is so much competition on the internet today! In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever to stand out online. Differentiation, or targeting your niche market based on your offerings, is the key to success. To attract clients, stand out from your competitors, and make your brand memorable to attract better-qualified leads with your digital marketing, you’ll need to differentiate.


To start differentiating yourself from your competitors, you’ll want to see who is in the digital marketplace that offers a similar product. Then, figure out what’s unique about your brand or how you provide your service. Maybe it’s the type of client you service, such as small business owners looking to create a podcast. 


Find what’s unique about your business or product to help you stand out from the start. Here, you’ll learn some tips that will help you differentiate yourself and make your brand stand out online.


Differentiate and Find Out Who Is Your Ideal Client


Who do you service? It’s not just customers or clients; you’ll want to reflect and deep dive on this question as it’s the cornerstone of creating the differentiation of your brand. To do this, you’ll want to make your ideal avatar.


What are the characteristics of your ideal client? Do they love to be outdoors, like working out, or are they sophisticated and refined? Does your ideal client love animals, are they visiting museums, or is travel a big part of their lifestyle? First, find out your ideal client and what they like to do. Then, fill in these lifestyle activities to their profile. 


Next, figure out the demographic of your avatar. For example, are they a millennial who likes minimalism, or is your avatar living in an active senior community near their grandchildren? Gather as much information as possible about who your ideal avatar is to create your differentiation niche.


Once you’ve figured out who your target avatar is – the person who wants your services the most – you’ll want to differentiate yourself by finding a specific emotional hook to grab their attention.

Differentiate to Target a Specific Customer


Does your business offer hope to someone who is male and has thinning hair? Do you offer a service that eliminates bugs and other pests from people’s homes?


You want to find the pain points your ideal avatar is looking to remedy and build your business differentiation around those pain points. Maybe your perfect avatar is looking for an easy way to wash their dog without bringing them to the groomers or needs a specific type of dog training to break their dog’s habit of jumping on people. Whatever the particular problem is, make sure to address that in your digital marketing campaign so the reader can instantly figure out if they are the right customer for you!


Differentiation will help you target the right customer for your company. Still, it will also give you better, more qualified leads. Why? Because you’re specifically and strategically targeting those people who have an issue or pain point with the exact same question you are posing to them.

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