Suppose you’re looking to get in on the video craze with social media, including YouTube, or you’re a creator or business owner looking to make more videos. In that case, there are tools out there that can streamline the process and make it easier for you to develop and create videos without spending hours editing or paying a video editor.

Using Canva to Create Videos


Canva is an online tool useful for creating videos if your skillset doesn’t lie in video production. You can use your own video or Canva’s stock images. When you splurge $15 a month for the paid account, you can also access many of their pro images and videos, which is a slam dunk if you want to create amazing videos with stock photos.


In addition to getting stock videos on Canva, you can slice and edit your videos to the parts you want to use for your video. Shorten up your videos, add more videos. You can even sprinkle in a stock photo (or two, or three, or four) for transitions or if you want to break up the video with some still images.


You can even create an entire video with still images only. This is a great way to make videos quickly and easily. Add some title slides and Voila! Your video is complete. However, we all know that what makes a video is sound. And yes, Canva has you covered!


Using Sound with Videos


Make sure that when you use sound, you are using royalty-free sound. I know this will sound redundant, but YouTube and other channels can pull your video if you use pop music, no matter how short your music clip is. Also, you can have legal action taken against you for royalties if the video that you used the pop music is making money. So don’t chance it.


While Canva has hundreds of audio tracks to choose from, you can also upload your own music or sounds to Canva. Purchase music on Audio Jungle or your favorite audio platform to use over and over again on your video.

Batching Out Your Video Content


To make your video editing process more streamlined, you can batch out your videos in one to two hours! Once you’re finished with one video, then use that as a template and make the next video for your digital marketing. Make sure to save them with specific names, so you don’t have to figure out what video you want to use each time you’re ready to upload your media.


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