When creating content for your business, it’s essential to think about how you can best reach your audience. Social media platforms are constantly evolving and changing. When you have a small business, one way to get the word out about your product or services is to post what you sell on social media. However, you want your potential clients to buy when they are excited to see your product. Therefore, you’ll want to have a shoppable social media link available for them to click on. 


One of the reasons you’ll want to utilize a shoppable post instead of a regular social post is because a shoppable post contains a direct link to an online store or a product page. Including a “buy” button can increase traffic and sales for the business owner as the consumer scrolling through their social feed can instantly click on and buy your products.

How Shoppable Posts Work


The main goal of using a shoppable post is to increase brand awareness and reach potential customers through visual content. Shoppable posts are a great tool to increase your sales on social media. There is a combination of text and images with shoppable posts, along with a clickable link to the online store or product in the text. When you click on the link in a shoppable post, you will be redirected to the online store’s product page.


These links and images are integrated into the social platform to create an interactive experience. In addition to being an easy way for consumers to access your products or services on social media, shoppable posts can also be used as a marketing tool for brands promoting their products on social media platforms.


Why You Should Use Shoppable Posts


According to a study, 92% of B2B marketers use content marketing and have published a blog post in the last six months. According to another report, 78% of B2C marketers use content marketing.


However, only a fraction of marketers use images in their content. While using text on social media is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience, text-only isn’t visually appealing and engaging for brands.


If the text is not visually appealing, users may not click on your link, which results in fewer sales. With shoppable posts, brands can leverage visual content and create a more dynamic and interactive experience for their audience.


Shoppable posts have also been proven to significantly impact social media conversion rates and traffic. A recent study found that businesses that used shoppable posts on their social media pages saw a 24% increase in traffic. In addition, the number of conversions increased by 75%.

How To Create Shoppable Posts


Shoppable Posts can be created using various methods, including the ability to create a shoppable post with your images and using a link creator or a visual link creator to make your shoppable post.


Shoppable posts with your images are a great way to showcase the products and services you offer. When you create the pictures yourself, you can be sure that they will match your brand’s image and be liked or shared by users.


When you create shoppable posts with your images, it gives you the option to use your desired products and services images and change the pictures to fit seasonal themes. However, you will find that this method can be time-consuming and difficult.


With a link creator or a visual link creator, you can create shoppable posts quickly and easily. Visual link builders allow you to create a pictorial post with your images or text. You can then share the image on your social media platform of choice. According to a recent marketing study, visual link builders can increase your sales by 75%. Therefore, if you are looking for a faster and easier way to create shoppable posts, the most efficient choice is to use a visual link builder.


Shoppable posts are a vital tool for brands to use in their marketing strategy. Using these posts and content can significantly increase your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. This is a great way to increase your sales and conversions and provide your audience with an interactive experience.


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