How to Create a DIY Website for Your Business


Websites are an essential part of any business. They help you build your credibility, attract customers and make an impression in your industry. For these three reasons alone, it is essential to have a website that serves this purpose. In addition, you’ll want a website that is functional and easy to use. Besides being functional, your website needs to be enjoyable for your visitors to use.


And while your website can be a significant investment of time and money, your business website is an essential first step to your online presence. In addition, your website is often the first impression your potential client will see about your company. 

Why DIY My Business Website?


In today’s digital world, it is not enough to have a business card and a brochure for your business marketing materials. Today, people want to search and find information online. A website is a quick, informative way to present your business to the world. Potential customers can get a clear picture of what you are all about. A well-designed website gives you a professional image and helps you get more business.


A custom website is designed around the needs of your business and helps you establish your own brand. A custom website allows you to highlight the unique aspects of your business and respond quickly to the needs of today’s online customers. Custom websites are quick and easy to create and require less maintenance, saving you time, money, and headaches.


How Do I Create a Website for My Business?


The first step to creating your own website is to decide which pages you’ll want to create first. An excellent place to start is to create three basic pages: your welcome page, services, and contact. In addition, you’ll want to create an About/Team page as these are the second most visited website pages because your potential customer wants to find out who is behind your company and if you share their same values.


Next, you’ll want to write out the content for your website on Google Docs, Word, or another word processor. Ensure you have all the information you need, including the keywords you’ll use on your website. These are words that people are searching for online, and you’ll want to have them in each title and the content. In addition, you’ll want to consider a blog. Blogs are a great way to increase your online SEO and get more internet searchers to your virtual doorstep. 

DIY Business Website Design 


While you can use many types of website development services for your DIY business website design, from fully customized websites to managed services that will host and maintain your website for you, you’ll want to choose a company and platform which has features you are looking for and need to assist you with creating your professional website.


DIY Your Business Website with Weebly


Weebly is a free web builder that does not require you to have any programming knowledge. You can use Weebly to create a business website in just a few minutes. Weebly is used primarily by small businesses and startups that do not want to learn tedious programming and want a simple website that they can create themselves. Thanks to the user-friendly drag-and-drop option, creating a website is a breeze, and you can use the free templates to get started.


Make Your Business Website with Wix


Wix is another website creation service that is easier to use than creating a website from scratch. Again, you can create your website with the click of a mouse and drag and drop without having any programming knowledge. Included on the Wix platform is a feature that lets you search for designs provided by a community of designers.


Build Your Company Website with Squarespace


Squarespace is a simple website creation tool that allows you to create a website without any technical knowledge. It offers a simple drag-and-drop feature to make your website. You can choose from a large pool of templates and themes. There is also a free option, but it does not allow you to use your own domain, and you have to pay extra to link your own domain to your Squarespace account.


When to Hire a Professional Web Designer


Creating a website can be overwhelming, so if you’ve read through this article and you’re still daunted to create your own website design, then contact us at Visual Web Group (VWG). Our web development company can help you create and design a website that fits your purpose and budget.


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