What is digital marketing?


Digital marketing involves creating and promoting services and products through digital channels such as mobile apps, social media, websites, and email. Any type of marketing using electronic devices to channel promotional messages is considered digital marketing.

Why is a Digital Marketing Plan Important?


In the world today, everything has become digital. The internet has brought about a whole new market as billions of people use the internet across the globe. Almost every person in the world uses some form of electronic device. As times have changed, businesses are changing their approach to customers. 


Digital marketing provides a variety of ways for companies and brands to reach their target audience. It is also significantly cost-effective compared to traditional marketing such as billboards. It has a higher rate of return on investment (ROI). In addition, it brings about a lot of growth opportunities, especially for small businesses. 


So how does one get started on digital marketing? Begin by creating a digital marketing plan which outlines your company’s or brand’s marketing goals, strategies, channels, timelines, and budget. A digital marketing plan helps one design and align effective strategies to the company’s goals. Here are some top channels to use for your digital marketing.


Digital Marketing Using Website Content


A website is your first impression for potential customers with your company and brand. Great content should make your website appear on top of search results and provide a good user experience leading to higher conversion rates. In addition, readers will naturally share and link to great content, improving your online visibility. When creating content for your website, ensure it is original and meets your potential client’s needs. A general rule of thumb is to write no less than 300 words while using keywords in your content’s title and body.

Digital Marketing Via Email 

An email is an effective tool for sharing promotional messages with your client. Email marketing is essential because it’s still the only way to get in front of your tribe without distractions from other content. The first step in Email marketing is creating a mailing list, which one can generate through an outreach program using your website, social media, or PPC Ads. The next step is identifying an email marketing tool and setting up your campaign. Ensure your emails are engaging, appealing, and precise, but not too many to the point where it becomes spam.


Social Media as a Digital Marketing Tool


Social media marketing involves using social media channels to connect with your target audience. This strategy aims to increase brand awareness, build an online community, and increase sales and website traffic. There are so many social media platforms, so choosing one platform to post on when starting is prudent. Once you have a cadence going, then add more platforms. Be active on one platform – the one you have the most interactions and engagements. To be effective in your social media outreach, leverage user-generated content that is informative and varied. Also, connect with other trendsetters in your industry.


How to Use Content Pillars in Digital Marketing


Content pillars refer to predetermined themes and topics your brand will focus on while creating content for your online platforms. Content pillars ensure that each piece of content you post is as relevant to your audience as possible. Each content pillar is a theme you’ll create your content around each month. You can use the same theme for more than a month. However, the idea is to gear all content around one pillar, so your followers see the same message on all your platforms. 


The goal is to nurture potential leads by attracting a potential customer’s attention and guiding them through the sales funnel until you close the deal. This strategy increases sales, customer engagement, loyalty, and even re-engages dormant customers. When creating content pillars, you should first identify your target audience and their needs. The next step would be to conduct keyword research and sort your content into themes called buckets. It would help to develop a content calendar before creating and promoting your content. In addition, keep repurposing old content and sharing them in new formats.


Once you have set up a digital marketing plan, ensure you keep analyzing and adjusting your strategies. Be creative and try different approaches until you determine what works for you.


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