The digital marketing world is constantly evolving, and it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends and activities to optimize your social media reach. However, you may have a big pile of social media content without a focus or theme to resonate with followers without a digital marketing campaign strategy.

Building a digital marketing plan is a valuable tool to organize your digital marketing plan. When you have a digital marketing plan in place, you can create focused, well-thought-out funnels to direct potential and current clients towards a product or service you would like to feature. In addition, digital marketing plans are a great way to track which of your services you have advertised to see which advertising channels give you the best ROI on your time and money.


What is a digital marketing plan?

In its simplest form, a digital marketing plan is a monthly calendar where you plan out what posts you want to create on which days of the month. You first need to list the social media platforms you have developed and which digital marketing tools you are using, such as your website and blog.

Once you inventory your digital marketing channels, you can decide which days you want to post on those channels. Keeping in mind a theme for the month or quarter, you can direct consumers towards a continuous fountain of information about a specific product or service. In addition, having a theme keeps your marketing from looking haphazard and unorganized.


Developing a Theme for Your Digital Marketing Plan


Let’s look at the big picture of your marketing strategy because the best plans are focused on goals and metrics that matter to your company. Your message should be unified across platforms to achieve a comprehensive digital marketing plan and create a stable brand that your customers can connect with.

In addition, you want to have good brand recognition so that no matter where people see your brand, your company’s message is easily identifiable as coming from your company or business.


Focus on Your Key Metrics for Digital Marketing

Your digital marketing strategy has to be guided by your goals and the key metrics that reflect them. Collect your goals and key metrics to understand where you are currently and where you want to grow. Avoid vanity metrics like Instagram followers unless you can show closely related to achieving what actually matters to your business.

When reflecting on your business goals, throw out digital marketing goals that don’t advance the business and create new plans to move you ahead. Make sure your goals are very specific. Build specific goals by reflecting on past performances. For example, if you gained a thousand new email sign-ups last year, aim to double that number.

In addition to having specific goals, include realistic timelines with your goals. Try breaking up big goals into smaller goals. Track your progress to see how well you are doing or if you need to tweak part of your digital marketing plan to achieve your business goals.


Review Each Digital Marketing Strategy Against Your Goals

Check your goals once a week or month to determine what’s working and isn’t working. You might be surprised at how your strategies have been performing, but at least now you’re informed and know where you should invest more. 

Besides, you’ll want to analyze your performance on social media. So how do you analyze your performance on social media?

  • Reach: Expanding reach is a good sign that you’re moving in the right direction
  • Clicks: It’s essential to track clicks more than likes or even shares


Follow the Latest Digital Marketing Trends

With social media and other forms of digital marketing, keeping up with trends is absolutely essential. Look for where your audience is the strongest, create new video content for your followers, and make sure your posts are personalized. Also, you’ll want to make sure your website is mobile optimized to not lose SEO ranking from Google.

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