Content marketing is a term that you’ve probably heard but may not be sure what this phrase means. Content marketing is how you utilize your written content in your marketing plan. Content marketing has many elements, including blogs, newsletters, social media content, and lead magnets. You can use content marketing to educate your clients, advertise your service or special event, or give information on a new product in your line.


So you want to create content, but how can you do this effectively? By batching your content marketing, you can make all your content, or a significant portion of it, by carving out time to write the pieces of content that you need to successfully achieve your marketing for the following month. In marketing, the term “batch” describes a series of similar projects grouped together. This way, you can maximize efficiency and minimize time spent on administrative tasks.


Batch Scheduling Your Content Marketing


With batch content marketing, similar content is grouped together and published with a scheduler all at once. This can save you time and effort, as you do not have to publish each post individually. You can create batches for different types of content, such as blog posts, guest posts, images, articles, and even videos. You may want to publish certain content in a specific order. By batching these posts, you can keep track of them and publish them at your convenience.


Schedule the Content You Want to Publish


The first step is to determine the content you want to publish. Next, create a list of the content you want to develop and publish together. This is called a “content inventory.” The more detailed your content inventory is, the easier it will be to publish it in one batch. Please list all the content you want to create, whether a blog post, an infographic, a video, etc.


Batch Content Ideas for Your Small Business


You can group content based on a variety of factors, including:

  •    Topic or subject matter
  •    The personality of the author
  •    Target market
  •    Type of content
  •    Medium
  •    Length


For example, you can create a series of content based on these sample topics. 

Topic: blog posts about social media marketing published four days a week.

Personality: written by the same author and published on different days

Medium: blog posts

Length: 500 words

Schedule Your Content for Publishing


You can group the content using the scheduling feature of your publishing tool. Schedule the entire batch for publication at once by moving all pieces of content inventory to a master calendar. Most publishing tools let you drag and drop content items into your calendar. Using your calendar for scheduling has the advantage of allowing you to add crucial details, such as the publication date, to each item.


Publish Your Content Once a Week


Publish the entire batch at the same time to streamline the process. You can publish your content once a week or once a month – whichever works best for you and your schedule. Publish your batch content from your master digital marketing calendar. Each piece of content is scheduled to be published at the same time. For this reason, you need to plan all the content in the batch in advance.


Create Follow-Up Batches of Content


Once you have published a batch of content, you should follow up with additional content. If you have a consistent schedule, you can create another batch of content that matches the timeframe of your first batch. For example, if you published a post every week for a month, you can schedule a batch of posts to be published at the same time the next month.


Another strategy is to create multiple batches that are published at different times. For example, you can create one batch of content for the present and one for the future, or numerous batches in different colors that you can combine to match different marketing campaigns. The most important thing is to plan ahead to develop and schedule your batches effectively.


Create focused and organized batches and refine your content inventory and content idealists to prepare for batch marketing campaigns to get the most out of batch content marketing. The key is to plan ahead to develop and schedule your batches effectively.


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