The process of obtaining a backlink is often all about networking and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge. Sometimes, a backlink will be created by someone who has found your website and chosen to share it on theirs. But, more often than not, creating backlinks for your website will be a give and take. 


Backlinks can be made by all sorts of websites. A good review of your product on someone’s blog or social media page is one kind of backlink. If your business donates to a charity, that charity’s website may provide a backlink to your website. Existing business relationships are an excellent resource for backlinks as well. Consulting a website designer can be a necessary step toward mastering the backlink. 


What is a Backlink?


Backlinks can be a complicated concept, so it may take a bit more research to get a fuller grasp if you aren’t someone with a deep understanding of SEO.


A backlink is any link on your website that sends your reader to a different website and vice versa. You want other websites to backlink your website. For example, suppose you’re reading a blog that reviews restaurants, and there is a link to the restaurant’s website on that blog. In that case, that link is considered a backlink. The references at the bottom of a Wikipedia article are also backlinks. It’s one of the complex aspects of SEO that are crucial for your website. Receiving a backlink can be more complicated than backlinking someone else’s website. 


Why are Backlinks Important?


Backlinks can help you not only better advertise your website but provide credibility as well. A backlink is a way to essentially cite a source. If your website is being linked by other websites as a source, your credibility is being recognized. Of course, you’re not going to want to receive a backlink from just any website; a backlink from a reputable source will better serve your needs and put you further up the list in a Google search. With that considered, both quantity and quality matter when it comes to backlinks. 


How to Utilize Backlinks in Content

Utilizing your backlinks in your content is an excellent idea for establishing credibility and partnerships on your website design journey. If you have a backlink on someone else’s credible website, it would be wise to backlink their website. Then, when your visitor views the other website containing your content, they will trust your brand and your business more.

Having backlinks to credible websites, even if they aren’t backlinking your website, adds greater credibility to your brand because you are still offering corroborating information to visitors who would like more to know more.

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