Artificial intelligence (AI) has an incredible effect on digital marketing and is expected to continue disrupting the industry in leaps and bounds. AI marketing refers to applying technology, such as machine learning, behavior, and data analysis, to generate insights marketers can use to improve customer experience. Artificial Intelligence captures data that, once analyzed, is used to develop effective marketing campaigns for a higher return on investment.


Using AI can give your business an edge over your competitors. Firstly AI takes the guesswork out of your marketing efforts by helping you to rely on accurate data analysis, to design effective marketing campaigns. Artificial Intelligence also helps businesses better understand the needs of their targeted audience and craft relevant marketing messages. AI is continuously being used to reduce human error and optimize marketing campaigns. Below are some ways that AI can affect the future of digital marketing.



AI Generated Content and Copy


Writing well-researched and compelling content is the foundation for an effective marketing strategy. Despite being a new development, AI-generated content is already transforming the digital marketing space. However, AI will not replace human writers because there is a need for a personal touch to connect with readers more effectively. Instead, AI will make the work of writers easier by helping them with research, identifying feasible topics, and developing initial drafts for their writing. 


At the basic level, AI-generated copy creates subject lines for social media posts, emails, and ads. AI is transforming how marketers generate a copy because the current process of sending out several copies to a select audience and picking the one with the highest interactions is time-consuming. AI can simplify this process by running thousands of tests faster and more accurately. For instance, Persado Software’s in-built AI creates persuasive copies by making the right word combinations that are appealing to a select audience.


Predictive Analysis


Predictive analysis is where marketers employ AI to track customer behavior and preferences, then suggest products most likely to interest the customer. Predictive analysis enhances the customer’s experience and leads to higher sales by suggesting products that customers might like. Some big corporations offering product suggestions to customers are Amazon and Netflix. 


Chat Bots


Chatbots are a type of AI that is already a game changer and is used by many businesses to answer general customer questions. Chatbots are becoming more sophisticated and performing more roles than just basic customer care. Chatbots can send text messages and emails and respond to customers like humans. Chatbots also can provide product suggestions, take orders and inform customers of ongoing sales. 


AI Targeted Advertising


AI-targeted advertising leverages big data and advanced analytics to independently display the right Ads to a select audience in what is also called Programmatic Advertising. Initially, developing Ads was purely considered a creative undertaking, but these days the focus is on targeting and communicating the appropriate message. The traditional advertising process of concept development, beta testing, and analysis before launching Ads is time-consuming. In the past, advertisers cast a wide net by targeting demographics like age, gender, and location. AI is now being used to streamline advertising by utilizing data analytics and predictive analysis to customize messages to potential customers.


AI Visual Recognition


AI visual recognition has been used mostly by social networks, for instance, to enable users to tag their friends while posting. Digital marketers are now exploring the endless possibilities provided by image recognition. Marketers are adopting visual listening, which means analyzing online images their target audience engages with to help them gain more insights about their customers. Image recognition is also an interactive tool between businesses and their customers. For instance, some company apps, like Macy’s, enable customers to take a picture of a product they desire. Then Macy’s app will offer suggestions of similar products they carry.


Artificial Intelligence is transforming the digital marketing world at an incredible pace. As marketers are deploying AI to yield tremendous results by streamlining marketing activities, optimizing campaigns, and improving customer experience, we can predict that AI will continue playing a big role in digital marketing. 


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