When Google and other search engines are looking for content, the search engine is usually looking for the answer to a question that someone has typed in the search bar. If you have that same – or similar – question on your website, then Google will show your website in their web page results. Therefore, your page can easily rank with other websites with the same information if you carefully and skillfully craft a FAQ page with critical questions and answers that consumers are looking for.

In addition, having a well-written FAQ section on your company website is a fantastic way to show potential customers and visitors to your small business website that you authentically care about their virtual experience. A well-written FAQ page will get your fo website found when you directly respond to your audience’s specific questions and needs and their search queries.

So, how do you create questions and answers that people are looking for and Google? In addition, how do you write content that will rank on Google’s search results? Read on to find out how you can get ideas to put together a well-written, well-researched FAQ page that will boost your SEO and give your website a boost to outrank your competitors!

FAQ Content for SEO

FAQ content can drive focused and highly targeted traffic to your business website. Business owners often utilize FAQ pages in their content marketing strategy to create an SEO-friendly FAQ section.

Keyword Research for Your FAQ Page

Keyword research tools such as SE Ranking allow you to detect the most popular keywords consumers are using worldwide. This tool uses a separate algorithm that generates the most common words in your niche questions. In addition, SE Ranking also gives you information on search volume, traffic cost, keyword effectiveness index (KEI). You can easily filter and export your results to save your online research to use on your FAQ page.

You can also search your own questions on Google search. Google highlights the most popular and trending questions people are interested in. The best way to find relevant questions to use on your FAQ page is to follow a specific category and check the bottom of your search query for related topics and questions.

What Questions Should I Write for My FAQ Page?

Before creating your FAQ page, you’ll need to research queries that consumers are asking on Google to know which topics are popular in your vertical. An excellent resource to find what is trending on the internet is to start your research on Google Trends. It’s essential to educate your online customers about your product or service using your FAQ questions.

You can also search questions on Google yourself. For example, do a google search for keywords that are related to your business or brand. Google Keyword Search is a great, free resource you can use to find keywords that consumers are searching for online.

If you have a support center or customer service representatives, ask them what your most frequently asked questions they receive. This is an easy process to find questions your customers ask regularly. Your representatives are your boots on the ground. They are the most valuable sources of information for collecting questions and answers for your FAQ page.

Survey Your Clients for Website FAQ Content

Collecting customer and visitor feedback is an excellent practice to improve your business. Online survey tools such as Survey Anyplace can assist you in creating an online survey questionnaire to identify the pain points of your target audience. In addition, you’ll also find valuable information and data you can use in your digital marketing plan and keyword usage for your website content.

Check Your Competitor’s FAQ Pages

Check out your competitors’ FAQ pages, their product reviews for similar items, and look at their FAQ questions. Can you expand and add additional questions that your competitors haven’t thought about? Have you heard the same questions from your customers that your competitors also receive? Review and improve on your competitors’ questions, then use your new content on your FAQ page.

Add Images to Your FAQ Page

Images are a great way to explain touch concepts, grab attention, and create a more fluid learning process. Use stunning and well-designed visual images, graphics, illustrations, and videos to add more visual appeal to your FAQ page. Adding visuals also creates a better way for your website visitors to receive clear answers to their questions. You can learn more about adding visuals by reading our blog Using Images That Engage to Increase Your Client Connection.

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