For any new business just starting out and launching, digital marketing can feel like an impossible juggle of tasks, algorithms, and guesswork. There are so many moving parts to be aware of. With time constraints and a limited budget, how are you supposed to conjure a digital marketing plan capable of all your goals? 


Here are five tips to get your business started with a functional and effective digital marketing campaign to generate buzz around your company. 


  1. Start Small and Have a Plan for Your Social Media Campaign


“Start small” is likely the first bit of advice you’ll hear when you ask how to tackle something that feels overwhelming. While starting small may seem silly, paring down the big ideas to small, actionable steps can snowball into a successful social media takeover. 


Start with one to three actionable activities to implement over one week. For example, when you start with completing two or three social media posts a week, this will allow you the space to properly contemplate and plan your posts. This will also give you time to link your social media posts to emails, videos, or other digital marketing content. Break tasks into simplified, achievable steps before you begin. Not so hard now, is it?


  1. Utilizing Email Lead Magnets to Invite Visitors to Your Brand Via Social Media


Email is a staple of digital marketing, and for a good reason. Email marketing can increase your brand’s awareness and encourage more visits to your website. You can build an email list using your email lead magnet link.


Then, cultivate those relationships by encouraging your customers to visit your site by providing promotional material, exclusive offers, or content that will captivate your customers. 


  1. Consistency is Key with Social Media


When promoting over social media, it’s essential to be consistent. Pick a high-traffic time to post, like lunch breaks, break into the algorithm, and then readjust once you can determine where or when you’re getting the most interaction. Consistency will also build routine and recognition with your social media followers, as they’ll come to anticipate or expect your posts over time. 


Social media schedulers can be a great way to tackle regular posting on various social media platforms. Simply load content in advance and have it post on time automatically. Schedulers like Buffer, Later, and HeroPost are all well-loved tools and timesavers. 



  1. Cross-Promote Your Social Media Over Multiple Platforms 


Don’t limit your campaign to just one social media platform. Social media exists in endless variations, and different apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest will reach different audiences. If someone follows you on one platform, encourage them to follow you on others, too. Customer testimonies and word-of-mouth are underrated tools in successful marketing campaigns. Engage with your audience and encourage them to share your products with their friends – on this app and the next one! 


  1. Monitor Your Social Media Results and Adjust Your Digital Marketing Campaign Accordingly 


Marketing is all about pivoting and adapting to changes. In social media, the climate is constantly changing to accommodate users’ likes and dislikes. Monitor your campaigns closely to determine what’s working and what’s not. Focus on more than ‘vanity metrics’ such as likes, and consider the more telling statistics, like shares, comments, and follower growth. Social media is all about timeliness and temporality. Keeping up to date and adjusting your campaign when needed will ensure an effective, lucrative marketing plan.


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