There’s no time like the new year to start implementing new digital marketing practices. Get prepared with this end-of-year digital marketing checklist, and keep your company on top as you slide into 2022. 


Analyze Last Year’s Marketing Strategy 


The end of the year is a perfect time to check your goals and monitor your company’s progress. Patterns may reveal themselves about yourself or your clientele. Review what worked and what didn’t. Maybe some months didn’t do too well. Maybe other months were unexpectedly great. Ask yourself what happened, and what you can do this year to meet your brand goals. Were your conversions high enough or do you need to focus on meeting those goals? What offers and promotions brought in the most revenue and what ones missed the mark? 



Check up on Social Media Accounts


Take a bit of time to spiff up all of your social accounts. Is your company’s branding consistent across all platforms? If it isn’t, update your profile pictures, headers and banners, and so on. Also evaluate if there’s one account you need to dedicate more or less time on. Maybe one platform works better for your company than another. Prioritize what works best for your brand. 


Evaluate and Update Your Website


Your website is one of the most valuable tools available for implementing digital marketing. A good website relies on design, functionality, and user experience. It should have quick loading times, a responsive design, and content that’s up-to-date with all your latest. Don’t know where to start? View your website from both desktop and mobile. Does everything look the way you want it? Is it optimized for mobile? If not, this is a great place to start. Make room for refreshing and updating your website in the yearly budget early, 


Develop Your New Yearly Budget 


By now, you should have a good idea of what your business needs. Compile those needs (and wants) to put together your 2021 budget. Compare this budget with last year’s, and adjust accordingly. You may be planning on expanding into untapped markets, investing in new technology, or outsourcing to an outside company. Keep your business goals in mind and work to get the biggest bang for your buck. 


Brush Up on Your SEO Strategy


Integrating SEO is often one of the easiest fixes for increasing traffic to your brand. Research keywords and organic rankings, conduct an SEO audit, and monitor where you are in these rankings. Consider what a potential customer might Google to find your services. That way, you can move up the ranks in searchability. 


Meet With Your Team 


Getting everyone on the same page is crucial to moving smoothly into the first quarter of the new year. Schedule a meeting with your team and give everyone a chance to air out any issues, insights, or ideas they may have for improvement. This is also a great time to introduce any new roles and responsibilities your team may need to pick up. 


Share Your Thanks for the Year 


And, of course, you can never forget about your customers. Spread some of that holiday cheer by reaching out to your customers, partners, and staff in a merry email. The holiday season is a great time to promote discounts or specials, get referrals, and let a customer know they’re important to you. You can treat your partners and staff to a holiday “Thank You” with a lunch, review, gift exchange.  Anything that shows your appreciation will help bring motivation to the new year. 


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