If you think email marketing is dead and all the digital marketing campaigns you utilize should only be on social media, think again! Email marketing, although it’s one of the oldest digital marketing genres to date, is still one of the most effective types of digital marketing you can do for your business.

Why? Because when you send someone an email, they don’t have the distractions of ads floating on their sidebar or screen. You have their direct attention. In addition, they’ve either signed up to be on your list or have expressed interest in your content, so emailing them is a great way to keep them engaged in what you’re up to in your company.


How to Write an Effective Email Campaign


First, let’s start off by defining an effective email campaign. To be effective, your email campaign must have an open rate of at least 20% and a click-through rate of at least 1%. While these numbers sound low, you’ll be surprised by how many people open your emails!


Start with an Eye-Catching Title for Your Email


To make your readers want to open your emails, you’ll want to ensure you have a great, eye-catching title. “What I’m Doing This Week” isn’t going to wow anyone. However, “Five Tips You Need to Know Before Buying Your Home” will pique interest. Make your email titles very niche – drill down your email titles to speak on a specific subject or topic that your clients or followers are interested in or a topic currently trending.


Delivering Value in Your Email Campaign


Next, you’ll want to deliver value by teaching your email list about a particular topic. Don’t sell every email! A good email educates and entertains. You can direct your readers back to a blog, your YouTube Channel, or your community. Directing them to a complimentary workshop you’re hosting is also another good choice for your email list. Then, about every fourth email, give them something to purchase.

Add Your Social Media Icons to Your Emails


When engaging your audience, make sure to add your social media icons to your email to make it easy for your followers to click and follow you on social. You can also hyperlink your social media channels in your email, giving your readers easy access to follow you on social media.

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