Why Hashtags are Different Than Keywords


While many people are familiar with hashtags and keywords, some business owners and those with platforms mistakenly interchange the two types of searches. While keywords and hashtags are used for online searches, how you use them is entirely different. For example, a good keyword is not necessarily a word you can use for a hashtag if you want to stand out. Read on to find out how hashtags and keywords differ and how you can use each of them.

What is a Hashtag?


A hashtag is a label used on social media platforms to categorize certain content for easy search, organization, promotion, and connection. It is created by placing the “#” symbol before a word or phrase without spaces. Some examples are “#Branding, #WealthCreation, #MarketingStrategies.”


Using hashtags has now made it very easy for content to spread across all social media platforms. This allows your audience to connect with you in new ways. For example, hashtags can be used to connect a user who may be searching for something specific with another user who is interested in the same topic.


When you use hashtags on social media, you give your content a place in the newsfeeds of users looking for the same type of content. Therefore, you should use hashtags in your posts and remember to use not just one but several.


What is a Keyword?


A keyword is a word or phrase that relates to a specific topic. For example, “best business strategies” is considered a keyword. Anyone who enters these keywords into search engines will receive millions of results (SERP).


The keyword you use should be frequently searched for on search engines and has a high number of monthly searches. While hashtags are mainly used in social media, keywords are used by search engines.


When to Use Hashtags


The best time to use hashtags on your website is when you intend to share your blog content on social media platforms as posts. Also, they can be helpful if you want them to be searched on social media platforms.


Using them between 5,000 and 10,000 times is recommended to achieve greater visibility. However, remember that using already popular hashtags with a large following will only make it harder to find you on the platform.


When to Use Keywords


Search engines use keywords to rank your content highly compared to your competitors. Therefore, you must use keywords when writing website content, blog posts, or articles. Unlike hashtags, you need to use popular and frequently searched keywords to get a quick ranking and easy access when your potential customers search for you. 

Although hashtags and keywords are used for different purposes, their value is the same. When you use hashtags, it’s a way to connect with others in your niche who have similar interests. If you use keywords, your content will be found more easily by search engines, and your platform will be found more quickly by customers.


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